Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apa Orang Kata...

Dalam hidup ni kita selalu be guided by apa orang kata.  Dari kecik sampai besar ini lah hadis melayu yang sentiasa diwar-warkan.  Jangan buat cam tu, nanti orang kata.. Kita kena buat macam ni, kalau tak orang kata nanti.  Kita dah terlalu terikat dengan ini sampai kita hidup guided by adat dan kebiasaan pada budaya kita.  Itu yang sampai kita lupa, kita sepatunya kena be guided by Allah via AlQuran dan Sunnah.  Basically kalau kita dah guided by kehendak ugama, automatic kita selamat dunia akhirat, tak kisah la apa orang nak kata pun.. Tapi semua ni tak la semudah kata2.  Sebab org yang rapat dgn kita bukan semua faham tujuan kita.  Contoh paling mudah tapi sangat susah nak implement ialah bersalam dengan bukan mahram.  Yang ini la yang paling susah aku sendiri nak implement especially kalau dalam waktu bekerja especially bila male non-muslim hulur tangan.  Aku memang letak hukum kat tepi dan sambut juga la dlm tidak redha pun.. Aku doa sangat2 tak de orang nak hulur tangan kat aku atau satu hari nanti aku di beri kekuatan untuk tolak dengan baik.  Itu kira OK la jugak, sebab jarang juga happen.  Tapi yang paling susah bila non-mahram dalam keluarga sendiri.  Contoh yang paling frequent di salah guna ialah salam ngan nephew’s husband,male cousins, uncle’s in law, biras, inlaws, nieces from husband side.. yang anak2 sepupu bagai, lagi la jauh panggang dari api.. Dgn dia orang ni kita bukan saja salam, siap cium tangan lagi.. Habis kalau tak salam nanti orang kata.. Ini lah salah satu contoh yang kita memang hidup guided by apa orang kata bukan apa Allah kata.  Aku bukan nak kata kat orang tapi kat aku sendiri. Lemahnya iman aku.  Aku memang dah banyak cuba mengelak, tapi masih ada kes yang tak dapat nak ngelak.  Aku doa sangat kat Allah aku dapat buang terus penyakit adat dari hidup aku.

Aku ingat kata2 Ustaz aku, kalau kita hidup nak pikir apa orang kata, sampai bila2 hati kita tak senang. Sebabnya satu jer.. kita tak leh tutup mulut orang.  Contohnya kawan aku tanya pasal pergi masjid –

Che Da: Ustaz, kalau kita pergi masjid sorang2 kan nanti fitnah, orang kata jugak. Baik dok sembahyang kat umah je kan..
Ustaz: Sebenarnya, pasal pergi masjid nak tak payah nak pikir sangat apa orang kata.  Kalau pompuan nak pergi masjid, yg penting minta izin suami, pastu minta la anak teman.  Mulut orang ni, apa yg kita buat, dia ada aje benda nak kata. Contohnya…
-             - Kalau pompuan pegi masjid sorang dia kata “eh tengok tu pergi sorang2, buat timbul fitnah je keluar tanpa     mahram..”
-             - Kalau pergi ngan anak “apa lah pergi masjid dengan anak je.. cam tak de laki jer..”
-             - Kalau pergi satu family “tengok tu satu keluarga gi masjid, nak menunjuk la tu..”
-             - Kalau tak pergi langsung “jahil sungguh keluarga ni, tak kenal masjid..”

So, orang ni, kalau nak kata, tetap dia kata juga.  Kalau niat kita dah betul kerana Allah, tak payah nak fikir sangat apa orang kata.

Inilah antara hadhis yang ustaz selalu dok ulang2  "Sesungguhnya barangsiapa yang mencari redha Allah dengan marahnya manusia, maka Allah akan cukupkan baginya akan segala keperluannya di dunia ini. Tetapi barangsiapa yang mencari redha manusia dalam keadaan Allah murka, maka Allah menyerahkan nasibnya kepada manusia.”

AKU:  Kekadang aku berada dalam situasi apa yang aku buat serba tak kena. Buat apa pun orang kata...Bila berada dalam situasi apa macam ni, aku berserah pada Allah saja la..aku memang jauh dari sempurna.  Aku cuma nak tunai amanah yang Allah bagi. Tapi bukan senang nak buat orang rasa sama...

SEDIH – tapi kena REDHA dan SABAR…

Monday, February 20, 2012

Angry Bird..please drop the bag..

Angry bird is just a game but lately I have over too many interaction with one 'angry bird' - a person who is just so difficult to forgive and what more to forget. It didn't bother me that much but when I become a punching bag to satisfy the thirst of the bird's revenge and anger - I feel totally annoyed - just because I have a bit of professional connection with the persons, I am not  them neither do I control nor have power over them.  I really don't understand why people can keep bad old stories live on in their heart for a long long time.  I mean, not that the matters amounted to the seven great sins from the Al-Quran.  It is just common issues that we commonly see these days in the corporate world, ain't it just normal, ain't it just things that you face every now and then, and then you drop it off a while once you passed it.  This is like carrying bad potato bags on your back.  It's heavy. it's smells bad and it doesn't bring anything good to you.. So why dont you just drop it off.  There is also popular says its easy to forgive than to forget.  Then fine la.. just forgive la..once you forgive you dont go back again and again and make innocent to suffer to listen to your sore and sour grape stories.  This world is just a traisit point to the akhirah - why take this world so seriously I wonder.... Cant we just leave it behind and not coming back to it so often that people around you feel so annoying... 

Reminder for me and also for the angry birds out there - leave the bad potatoes behind - its lighter too walk minus the stings.. It may not be easy, but with a little practice, anybody can do it.  Believe me - it makes you feel better..

Geneva – When it’s colder than coldest…

Notes of Geneva 2nd Week - End 4 February 2012

First week in Geneva is rather pleasant where weather is not that cold. Now come second week, Geneva is colder than coldest.  Low -14 degc, highest -5degc.  So imagine in the middle of afternoon, it is cold to the bone.  Slight snowing begins on Monday.  Starting Monday night up to Tuesday snow does not stop flowing down heavier than the day before.  This is what I call colder than coldest where we live in the big freezer for the whole week. I think the last time of me having real snow is during my visit to my friend’s home in Portland Oregan, somewhere in year 85. And that was very long long time ago… After those days, the coldest I ever experience is last year's trip to Paris - VERY cold Paris, which is also below freezing point.  After such a long time, I definitely can’t simply adjust to this coldness that much. Lucky over the weekend I bought a new wool winter jacket, at least it’s a bit warmer than the one that I brought from home.  Nevertheless snow plus wind really kills me.. and the thought that there's only a week remaining to live here it’s a great joy.  

Here is snow in Geneva.. Enjoy the view and don’t envy’s damn cold..
View from my room, before snow
After heavy snow, roofs all covered by snow.
This is enclave of ITU buildings where meeting took place
In front of meeting place - I used umbrella coz snow is quite heavy - org kampung dapat salji pakai payung je la...
White parks - all covered by snow
This park is infront of ITU
In front of Royal Manotel
Who want to have a ride in this weather - just left stranded for weeks..
My favorite spot - snow start to melt towards my going back time..
Cold...cold...Patut la mat salleh ni sibuk nak pergi Negara panas masa winter, yang orang Malaysia pulak sibuk nak pergi oversea masa winter.  No surprise aarr...Isn’t grass always greener on the other side.  Moralnya, kita memang selalu rasa tempat kita tak cukup bagus dan tempat orang lagi best.  But in the end pepatah melayu ‘hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik kat negeri sendiri’ still hold water, still valid. 

Cold it maybe, cozy it maybe, sleepy it maybe, I surely hope to see you again Geneva...  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Geneva - Still the old cozy city..

Geneva really don't change much. Though we could see a bit or revamp and reconstruct here and there but the main facade of Geneva stays. There is not much change really. I consider Geneva as a vintage, cozy and silent city despite being the home of many nationalities due to it being the hub of many international organizations.  But Geneva is a very expensive city. A super small hotel room is cost RM1000. There are many average standard international restaurants but a decent meal can cost between CHF17 to CHF 20 per meal.  That would be nearly RM 70 to RM100 per dish of nasi beriani for example.  Forget about porche restaurant which I think beyond reach.  Eating at a nice Thai restaurant, a nasi goreng udang cost around RM90 per plate.  The cost of an ikan goreng with thai sauce that weighed half of kg is about RM RM120.  Simple drinks are all above RM15 each.. Geneva being the home of Swiss-made-watches also a disaster in terms of price.  I am so wonder why in the world that it's cheaper to buy Swiss-made watches is KL than here. Unless they offer you 50% discount than forget about purchase it here.  Kind of funny isn't it.  Just for the sake of having something from Geneva I did pick-up few watches on sale, just a bit cheaper compare to KL because it's on sale.  Gift souvenir is another puzzling thing.  Nothing can be purchased below CHF 10 i.e about RM33.  When I'm here in 2007, I still can get fridge magnet for the price of CHF 5, with the conversion rate of 2.7 at that time it is still reasonable.  But now, nothing below CHF 10. I mean to buy a fridge magnet for RM33 is crazy isn't it.. So after I do some random price checking, I decided that there is only one thing worth buying...It'sssss SWISSSSS CHOCOLATE.. Yes it is reasonably cheap for a Swiss chocolate as Swiss chocolate taste superb, its best in the world chocolate, and there are great varieties here in Geneva.  So guys, chocolate will be the souvenir from me...

Last weekend, I spend lazy cold weekend in Geneva. Original plan to go to Rome with hubby dashed as he cannot come because need to send Danny to the new school.  Weekend in Geneva,  shops only open Saturday, and on Sunday all shops closed except for sundry shops and restaurants.  So after attending morning meeting on Saturday, I went to Manor and Bel-Air shopping area for window shop.  As that was the only weekend that I have, I bought all things that I plan to bring home...

And here is Geneva as I have seen it over and over again...

Mini park at the bank of Lake Geneva

Sunny but cold afternoon over the bridge of Lake Geneva, at the distance background is Geneva's water fountain
Beautiful view of Geneva with many bridges crossing the lake
This place is full of people during summer - but winter time is kind of silent
My favorite walking spot, towards the lake of Geneva
Typical classic European architecture is everywhere in Geneva
One of the many beautiful crossings. There is pedestrian walk under the bridge.
This animal just so use and enjoy their time swimming under 0 temperature
One of the many cruise boat for the tourist - only good for first timer. Second and next ride, you'll dozed off the moment the engine starts.
I love these unique trees near the lake..
That was just about things I'm able to capture in Geneva. This time, I don't really have the right company.. In 2007 I have crazy and funny people with me i.e. Andy and Major Mazli.  So all picture taken is without me in it.  And all is snapped using just my E72.  But then it was still fine and fun...

Nevertheless, Geneva, I'm loving it...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The leaving of the third kind..

He's the third kind.  Now and today 31 of Jan 2012, he's the third to leave.. I've been counting my finger of the moment that I will have less and less with me... Now the plural becoming singular. Only one stay at home. The third has left me. And the sad thing is I don't get to see him leaving to the last moment. I was here in Geneva.  It was kind of odd and sad to think that when I go back home, I only see his bed.  Well, he's only left for Kuantan, I can always go down there.  But its not the same anymore because once the kid go out, he will return only as 'visitor', come and go and it is through that cycle. Although I and him had passed the toughest time of mom and 'boys-to-men' syndrome, he's still my baby that only me call him 'adik'.  He never grown out of me... the joker, the annoyance, the soft-hearted but straight face, the one who always lend his shoulder, the one who just do about anything I asked, many shared dreams with him, but still the normal kids who lie when necessary, the normal kids who still do things mom told him not to do - but deny it to the last drop... I surely gonna miss him...
At 5 year old - he love making face infront of camera

Perasan 6 pack - tapi kurus cam cicak in this 2003 picture
Mood baik - during visit to Kedah still 2003
His favorite sleeping spot in our previous Trajet also in 2003
2004 - try to be cute
2005 getting bigger with enemy cum lovely sis
In 2005 - acting as one of the world cup player whose that guy name?
Swimming in the sands of PCB in 2007
Acting like a grown up in 2008
2009 in Warner Bros Park of Gold Coast..
Keep on growing up boy, but remember your guidance is always in the path of Allah.  May be you are now far from me.. But my prayer will always be with you my boy...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Geneva Return...

I would think that Geneva is the most frequent country that I came to attend the meetings. If I'm not mistaken, this is my 4 or 5th Geneva trip. Geneva is the home of international meetings, co-ordinations, facilitation and what have you.. and Geneva being in Switzerland is always considered as a planet of its own. A planet who does not take sides. That's this land has been witnessing the agreement and disagreement of just about everything the world is fighting for... Although United Nations has now move its meeting to New York the UN still has its operations here...So that's about Geneva. Attending this meeting does not really permit me to write much because too many parallel mtgs and you have to pay attention if you want to benefit from it....Or you can just ignore the fights.. but you would miss the interesting things about coming here. So I chose to involved..

I arrived here Sunday 24 Jan 2012, and still stayed at the same hotel I've been staying for the last decade plus or so.. Many changes has happened from a 3 star to somewhat (too small compare to its 3 star era) 5 star of Royal Manotel.. But I love this hotel because of its location and cooking facilities and that's the only reason I came back to the same hotel.

Small hallway too my room, space is precious in the highest-cost-of-living-city-Geneva

My study desk that I will eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner plus doing my work for 2 weeks here

Tempat Beradu Maharani - Small but cozy

All those frames is so classic, you feel like you are living in old mansion

this is real fresh flowers you know...its beautifully arrange and stay fresh throughout my stay
So this is the hotel I'm staying for 2 weeks, going in and out. Not too far from ITU, the meeting place. Just take tram no 15 stop infront of Hotel Royal Manotel, stop name Butini, then ITU is next 3 stops, just drop at station Sismondi. Easy and efficient..

Wait for my next post..cos first week is full of meetings, I didnt go anywhere. Meeting finish at 530pm, which is equivalent to Maghrib time.. So no where to go really with shops closing st 6pm some at 7 pm...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Durian..Durian..(mad rush to finish the durian)

Last call for durian lovers. Ramadhan is here but durian is still abundant. The ‘but’ is because many people don’t really eat durian by flesh during puasa times, not even for a hardcore durian lovers like me. I mean there is so much durian this season, a seller near my house sold it for only 10 ringgit a bag. And it is a whole lot of a good deal for kampong durian although it is not so musang-king neither it is D-series. But eating durian can only last before Ramadhan. Maybe people are more focus on sweet delicacies for Ramadhan compare to fruits. I remember last Ramadhan how buah duku from my tiny kebun is abandon just because people are not really into fruits in Ramadhan. Durian is just everywhere nowadays. Hubby’s office had a durian feast last Thursday and they bought a lorry of durian and he brought left-over home. On my way back from Kelantan, there was not one lorry moving on Karak Hiway not ferrying durian (must be durian Pahang), that I have this wishful thinking that one of it just skidded and cause the durian to fell down on the roadside and then they giveaway to passersby who happen to be us at that time and we go back home happily ever after… But of course none of it gets skidded…

Well anyway, as I have too much durian to play around with, I got to rid them in the most delicious way possible – before Ramadhan. It was previous week project actually. Can’t be doing kuah and pulut durian all the time. That would be too lame for my children and hubby who is hantu durian to just dunk into the same dish all the time. So what I do is revisit an old recipe of my mom – the grand murtabak durian – and lets add ‘royal’ to it. I actually never found Murtabak durian being sold or serve anywhere in the world. Perhaps people will give the ‘eeuwww’ look with the sound of murtabak durian, but it is actually not that far away from the more common but still exotic murtabak pisang. It is of the same concept. So guys – if you still have those creamy-sweet-tasty-yellowish flesh in your fridge, act now before it morph to tempoyak. Follow this….

First you buy a non-cook roti canai at mamak stall (I used to do it myself those days – sekarang nak ringkas saja). Murtabak d’raja durian needs to be layered with at least two layers. So I bought 12 piece. Next just take around two corelle bowls of durian flesh. Mixed in 6 egg, then to add a little sweetness and creaminess (as if the durian is not creamy enough la tu..) add in 4 table spoons of condense milk. Finally just a bit of salt to bring out the taste. Mix well with fork…then that’s about it..easy right. But it is super delicious super sinful (who cares..). Even the ‘durian commoners’ go crazy about it…

This is the durian filling ready to be wrapped in the roti canai dough

The finished products..Murtabak d'Raja Durian..
At home, it’s gone faster than the time I took to make it..tambah hujan pulak petang tu.. Everybody goes like ‘nape buat sikit sangat?’ That day the word ‘sikit’ has been redefined.

It doesn't ends there.  After all those murtabak – I still have leftovers. I kept thinking of the serimuka durian that somebody ordered during last two potluck at the office from Pondok Kuih (or is it Istana Kuih..?). So I put durian left-over for another good use. Its seri muka durian. Very simple to do – but there’s no other better words to describe the dish that can be alike to eating serawa durian with pulut but with your finger - YUmmmmmy…So here it is…
Topping of the seri muka before cook

Bottom part - pulut after being steamed - super white pulut from Kelantan (fr Siam actually)

Finish products - Seri Muka Durian

Gone in no time...
I actually still have an ice-cream tub of durian flesh well kept in the freezer even after yesterday's pulut durian for bukak puasa.  Got to think of another dish to finish it off...